Policies & Legal

  • Branded Merchandise
    When Grand Avenue sells any branded movie cups/tubs/kid cups/kid tubs, those branded items may be refilled for free as long as that same branded movie is still showing in our complex. After a movie has left the complex, any associated promo materials will be treated as outside food or drink and will not be allowed in.
  • Outside Food & Drink
    No outside food or drink. We can hold unopened/packaged items for you until the end of your movie.

  • No tobacco, smokeless tobacco, vapes or e-cigs.
  • No alcohol or illegal substances.
  • Handicap Seating
    Any seats located on the crosswalk/handicap row (Row H) are reserved for our handicap/accessible guests and their companion. If you purchase one of these seats and have no/limited physical disabilities you will be asked to move seats. Handicap seats won't be sold at box office to non-handicap patrons until the listed showtime or at the time all other seats are sold out.

  • Rated R Policy
    We ID, and guests must be 17 years+, or with a parent guardian if they are 16 or under. Parents may not buy a ticket for your kid and then leave. Parents/guardian must stay for the duration of the movie. NO refunds will be given for tickets bought online for underage, unaccompanied children. No children under 6 years old will be permitted into a Rated R movie after 6pm.

  • Costume Policy
    Masks, hats and helmets that cover the face are not allowed within the theater. Simulated weapons are also not allowed on or within the premises.

  • Child Behavior
    Please monitor your children during the movies. If you need a place to calm your child down, you can use the entry ramp, the family restroom, the hallway or the party room (if available).

  • Feet on the Seats
    Staff will ensure that guests feet are kept off of the back of the seats.

  • Cell Phones
    Cell phones must be off or silenced and tucked away during the movies. We want to preserve the experience for all of our guests.

  • Acceptable Clothing
    Guests will be asked to change or turn inside out any clothing with profanity or drug paraphernalia.

  • Refunds
    No refunds will be given 15 minutes after the movie has started.

  • Booking Fees
    Online booking and convenience fees through grandavenuetheater.com and third party ticketing partners are non-refundable. 


Privacy Policy Information

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    grandavenuetheater.com's server logs information about visitors, including IP addresses, date/time visited, referring website, length of stay, etc. This information is used for site statistics and/or to report abuse.
  • Customer Information & Credit Card Transactions
    Limited information is supplied to grandavenuetheater.com in the event of a sale. This includes your name, IP Address, etc. This information is not sold or distributed to third parties. Credit card payments are processed through a third party and this information is collected solely for us to securely process the order. It is not accessible to those outside of Grand Avenue Theater.
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